Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Setting 'em up and knocking 'em down

That's pretty much what I feel like right now, I'm just doing things for the sake of doing them- school, work, even running- just seem terribly monotonous right now. I really need to re- prioritize, slow down, and refocus. Running has gone well, and I've been doing it a lot lately; I'm trying to get back consistently to 40mpw seeing that I don't have anything to train for until January 23rd. Sigma Chi seems to be in full swing, I'm opting not to go to the Theta Gama initiation at Drake this weekend, but even still I've got the Christmas party this weekend, and next weekend we've got the initiation of another brother from Iota Tau, as well as a retreat, so It'll be busy. I've got a few final papers in addition to the daily boring homework, which just seems to wear me down. I've been going to bed late and running early, which is never a good combo. Plus, I've got to find a date to the Christmas party and have to worry about all this rediculous crap that doesn't matter. I just need to take a deep breath, take a quick 5 miles to clear my head, and make a list.

Note: College is easy, until the last three weeks