Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Balance MR1400 Review

I know I'm usually a Brooks guy, but I know a guy who knows a guy who hooked me up with these shoes on the cheap, so I figured I'd give them a spin. I've got 637 miles on them so far over two months, and they're beginning to wear down, so I'm going to try and get a second pair- thats how good they are.

These shoes are like butter on your feet. I've done all my miles in them sockless, and the upper is amazing. In terms of weight, I have them in size 7.5 and they weigh 6.8 oz, so they're solid for a racing flat. I mean, I've used them as a daily trainer before- at one point I wore them for three weeks straight on all my runs including the long runs. I'd say 14 or 15 miles are the upper limit on them though- at least for me- after that your feet really start getting beat up. I realize I've got a lot of miles on them- most of you won't get that high. That's a combination of me being a little guy (5'9'', 120lbs), and me not having money for other shoes. Realistically, I should have replaced them at 6 hundo or so.

Some things to keep in mind if you buy these shoes:
1) They run about a half size small lengthwise. Remember your feet swell when you run
2) These hold blood really well. The entire forefoot of my left shoe is covered in dried blood. Sorry if you were eating lunch when you read this, but I broke my toe a while ago and never had it set back in properly, so the joint is raised up a little bit, and scrapes against the low toe box on these shoes- especially on longer runs.

Also, somebody found my blog today by searching "Galen Rupp haters." I love it. I guess he did just set the American 5k record.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hurricane Irene at its finest

I haven't thrown up a post for a while, so here we go: a guy tubing down some highway in Virginia. The action starts somewhere around 20 seconds and the guy filming it is pissed.
Also- and slightly more important- Lukas Verzbicas is racing his last triathlon ever for his training partner, Kevin McDowell, who got diagnosed with cancer. Read the full article here. Now that's class.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Guys, be careful!

So I came in to work today (late because I set my alarm for 6:30 pm instead of am) and the first thing I heard was my boss calling me. Bad news. I picked it up and he was like "you run, not bike, right?" Yeah. "Then why did Rick say "ellenberger is toast" when he came out of his coma?" That obviously begs the question why was Rick in a coma? Now, I've known rick since High School. He was the A/V tech at Edina when I went to school there and got hired at St. Thomas in the same department as me the same year I did. Anyways, Rick is a big biker. Not like motorcycles, like road bikes. He's the type of biker who would do a century ride just like nothing and be right back at it the next day.

The other day he got hit. He was riding this weekend and got t- boned by a car and landed in the ICU. He's going to be allright, but he got hit pretty bad and ended up with six broken ribs. Luckily he was riding with his team, so he was able to get medical attention in pretty short order. Even still, keep in mind there are some really bad drivers out there, so be careful.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ghost 4 review

I've got quite a few reviews to come both on shoes and equipment, but since the Ghost 4 are my most recent purchase, I'll go ahead and review those first. I've got 125- ish miles on the shoes, so not awhole heck of a lot, but enough to get past the first impressions.

I've heard a lot of people say "If you like the Ghost 3's, you'll like the Ghost 4's." Yes and no, but mostly no. The Ghost 2's were some of my favorite shoes, and the switch to the 3's were like a different line altogether. The 4's sizing is a lot like the 2's. Whereas the 3's felt about half a size longer and a size wider than the normal Brooks last, these seem right on. They're either a touch longer than the Ghost 2's or my feet shrank, one of the two. Either way, I would order your standard Brooks shoe size for these.

To me, the 3's just felt cheap, e.g. the cushioning wore out quickly and it was almost as if the shoes weren't made to be a daily trainer. The 4's are a change to that in that they feel like they were built to last. The cushion feels as good today as it did the first day I got them. That said, there's a fine line between cushioning and responsiveness, and Brooks may have crossed it. Now, I'm used to running in flats, so take that worth a grain of salt. Its not all bad though, because running in them I feel like I can run forever.

The downside to that of course is the energy return just isn't there. I usually run in the 7:20-7:30 range while training in flats, and you can slide that whole range up 12-20 seconds in these. But like I said, no surprises there. Its about a thousand times more responsive than the 3's, for comparison's sake. The upper is perfect. The midfoot wrap does its gob wonderfully, and the shoe really hugs the foot, again a difference from the Ghost 3's.

Bottom line, these shoes are exactly as marketed. These shoes will get you from here to there in style and comfort, even if there is two states away. If you are debating between the 3's and 4's, get the 4's no question. Its a little closer call between the 4's and 2's, but the upper is much improved on the 4's. a major selling point in my eyes.