Saturday, May 26, 2012

Its like a swim meet

Are you kidding me? My first week of training and it rained an unreal amount. Like, I'm pretty sure it would have caught Noah by surprise. Thats all well and good and I'd rather run in rain-- even a lot of it-- than anything else, but come on now Edina city engineers, didn't you plan for this? So I've done most of my runs in this park thats a mile from my house that has a 2 mile loop in it. To get there I have to go up a couple pretty decent hills, so there's a little of everything. Especially in these first couple weeks of training where its just running for the sake of running, it works well.

Anyways, Thursday night it started raining, and it rained into Friday. Finally it let up enough to the point where I could go for a 10 miler, which would be 4 times around this park plus the mile there and back, if my Edina High School math is correct. So I got down there in allright shape I guess, apart from this gorge at the bottom of this hill probably a quarter mile from my house which was shin deep with water. So that was a bummer. Then I got to the park. Two bridges washed out and a quarter mile fully underwater from ankle deep to shin deep at parts. So that happened FOR FOUR EFFIN LAPS. I should have run in flats, but nope, I ran in my trainers which hold water really well, so it felt like I had cinder blocks on my feet the last couple laps.

It was the same story yesterday. And today.

But chin up kiddo, next week will be a better week, right?

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  1. Keep up the running and inspiring Matt. Hope all is well!