Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Open letter to the folks still searching for my Netflix instant posts

First thing's first-- don't wait on another one, although you probably figured that out already.  Netflix has formed a super PAC (that isn't news) called FLIXPAC and though it was initially reported to be pro- SOPA, its actually not.

If you've been living under a rock for the last couple of months, SOPA stands for the Stop Online Privacy Act, introduced by Texas Rep. Lamar Smith designed to fight online piracy and intellectual copyright infringement. The major knock against it is that it paints with much too wide a brush if you will, and thus puts effectively the entire internet in he realm of prosecution for copyright infringement prosicution. The legislation is dead, but various attempts have been made (backed by major grants by the Motion Picture Association) to kickstart similar legislation.

Anyways, I was initially concerned, and still am, that Netflix would use FLIXPAC to funnel money (although a comparatively small amount) to the pro- SOPA (or similar) lobby so they could get away with their mediocre at best selection of movies while helping to prosecute those who look for alternatives. As I said earlier, FLIXPAC isn't pro- SOPA, so take that worth a grain of salt, but it isn't anti- SOPA either. Netflix's official statement was the goal of the super pac is 
PACs are commonplace for companies that lead a big, growing market and Netflix is no exception. Our PAC is a way for our employees to support candidates that understand our business and technology. It was not set up for the purpose of supporting SOPA or PIPA. Instead, Netflix has engaged on other issues including network neutrality, bandwidth caps, usage based billing and reforming the Video Privacy Protection Act

Second, you don't need me to review Netflix movies. Here's a list of the 50 top movies on Netflix instant 

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