Monday, April 27, 2009

4/19- 4/25: Weekly milage totals

Only 15.3 miles??

I skipped my long run on Sunday (why did I do that? I'm a terrible human being)

Monday's an off day; I just don't have time to run

Tuesday I ran with the TC running club. They put me with the 7:00 mile group. I really can't go that fast for that long (yep, that's what she said.) 5.2 miles, 7:18 pace

Wednesday I skipped; I was ridiculously sore

Thursday I went short, and my calf wasn't too happy with me. 4.1 miles, 7:33 pace

Friday was hot. I ran shirtless, but was still sweating like a pig. 6 miles, 8:38 pace

Saturday's an off day

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