Monday, April 27, 2009

Cold, Rany 12 miles

Well, it took some motivation to get out there, 12 miles in the pouring rain. Okay, not pouring, but it might as well be. I got up yesterday morning thinking "Really? it was just 80 some degrees during the week." I woke up, looked out the window, and was like "screw it, I'll do it later." I never do that. At noon or so, I figured that I might as well go then.

It was 40- something when I started, but didn't feel like it. It was 50 almost exactly when I finished, and even if the rain subsided a bit, that didn't help at all. The sidewalk by UST has some huge potholes in it, which were filled with water. Lovely way to start the run.

So, my route. I went down on Cretan, to Grand Ave, way down Grand to the Running Room, where I bought some of that Cliff Shot gels with the soggy $2 I kept in my shoe. From there, I turned around and ran to the intersection of Cleveland and Grand. From there, I went down to Ford Parkway, and back up to Summit on Mississippi River Blvd.

12 miles, my second longest run ever, at a 9:40 or so pace. I usually run 8:30's but considering the rain, wind, and distance, I was going for 9:30's, but close enough.

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