Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm a wimp!

I skipped my run this morning, not intentionally; I was going to run, I promise. I usually run Thursdays at 7:00, because I don't have class until 10 or so. Anyways, I slept through my alarm, and next thing I know my roommate's is waking me at 9:00. I was only going 5k, so I was thinking of tacking that distance onto my Friday run, or my long run.

See, I pulled an all nighter the day before/ morning of. I mean, that's no problem, I've ran, done the all nighter thing, than ran again. It was ugly, but I can bring myself to do it, but not this time. I did it five or so times last semester so I was semi used to it, but this was my first time this semester and I just couldn't hold it togother.

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