Saturday, December 31, 2011

Netflix Movies That Don't Suck- The Next Three Days

Of all the Netflix instant movies i've watched, this comes the most highly recommended, even though thats not saying much. While a little bit far fetched at times, the movie actually was engaging most of the time. The Next Three Days stars Russell Crowe and Liam Neeson and is a thriller/ suspense movie that has some suspense to it, and its kind of cool I guess how the movie comes full circle at the end (you know what I mean if you've watched it).

The plot centers around a husband and wife and their child, and the wife is arrested at the very beginning of the movie after allegedly killing her boss. The husband, determined that his wife is innocent, fights the charges through the courts for a while, then meticulously comes up with a plan to break his wife out of prison. The movie is pretty good for a movie you'd pay to see, which makes it a winner for an instant pick.

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