Thursday, August 27, 2009

Its the lean wolf that leads the pack, baby

One of the things I hate, next to people running in high tops and gym shorts, is people telling me to eat more, or gain some weight or whatever. Now, I'm not a stick, but I'm not a fat guy either. I think society's perception of an "athletic build" has changed. In other words, I don't think that I'm skinny, but everybody else is just fat-- or used to seeing fat guys so much that their norm has changed. I think the perception of body weight changes in different circles. For example, compared to fat guys, I'm emaciated skinny. Heck, even in people who aren't bigger I guess I'm emaciated skinny. But compared to the distance runner, I'm average. I don't know if that makes any sense, but I just don't like people comparing me to society because society has gone off the deep end. Only .1 of 1% of the population has run a marathon;26 million males, and 16% or approximately 10 million children are obese. I don't know if those statistics prove my point, but its just ridiculous how people's perceptions have changed due to society's laziness. Its funny, I went in to the doctor's office a few months ago for a follow up about my wisdom teeth, and the nurse said something about making sure I heal up so I could eat a sandwich. Its not a question of eating, I try to get well over 2,000 calories a day. So, I thought to myself "Its the lean wolf that leads the pack, baby."

I'm finishing up listening to the podcast Runners Round Table episode 44, about the Girls on The Run Program. Girls on The Run is a program that teaches young girls, among other things, self respect. I think that's a real key. I mentioned that society is in a downward spiral, and I don't want to get that far into it, but its quite the opposite for females. The pressure is on for girls to look and act trashy, or at least that's my experience. Since when do all girls have to be blonde, look like Barbie, and wear as little clothes as possible? Okay, that's my rant, but its about time that someone teaches girls some core values. I'm not a girl, but if I was, that would be an awesome program to join.

Finally, an editorial note: you might notice a readers digest version of a couple of posts. Reason being, my mom caught word of my blog, and so I've got to clean up my language a little bit. I hate censorship. Introducing my new co- editor, my mom. No, in fact, if she's going to decide what I can and can't say, why don't you just write the thing? oh, well....

I'm just full of fire and brimstone today. Maybe I should lay off the coffee?


  1. Hey Matt. I think you are VERY cool for mentioning Girls on the Run in your blog. That would make any MOM proud! Way to go. (Hey Matt's mom...your son is definitely doing good in the world by mentioning our program in his blog!!!)

  2. Matt, I totally agree. I'm about to run my 16th marathon this Saturday. My PR is 2:58 and I feel primed to beat that. Everyone keeps telling me I'm to skinny. When they say that I always reply with, "The lean wolf leads the pack." They never know what to say back to me when I say that. Once a Runner is a great book.