Sunday, August 16, 2009

The miles of trials, the trials of miles

I've got like 50 pages left in that book, and I don't know what everyone's going on about, I don't think that book is "The best book ever written about running" as Runners World claims. Give me Running With The Buffaloes over Once A Runner any day of the week. Next on my reading list is Ultramarathon Man, although after that I'll maybe give the sequel to once a runner a try, Again To Carthage, although I have probably only one book left in my summer. Real quick, my 9 miler yesterday was solid. It was long, but solid. I'll post my route at the end of this post, because it is definitely worth running again. I got to lake Harriet about 8:00, ran that twice, then ran around Lake Calhoun. Two gripes I have- one, the lakes are popular in the summer, so there's always a ton of people there. They started a walking event during my second lap of Harriet, so I was weaving in and out of everybody. The hill between Calhoun and Harriet is also pretty brutal. Its always a good run when you finish and your shorts are laced with salt.

I've got to go 6 today, I'll go after the 100 final in the World Championships. I promised myself I'll go easy, but I don't know if I actually will. I'm listening to the Runner's Round Table about XC racing, and I was thinking that I've got to find a course, find a race. I've only got 3.5 miles on my Dirt Dogs, and I've got to get a couple more before school starts.

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