Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The best birthday present ever

When we last left you on 'As The World Turns,' our fearless hero was pent- up and crabby with what he thought was a possible Tibial Stress Fracture. Well, I went to the doctor on Friday for a follow up. It turns out that it is Tendenosis, thank god, which means I can run on my birthday at the very earliest, July 5. That's exactly what I'm going to do. Now, Tendinosis is a partial tear of the tendon, so Id be wise to take a few more weeks off, but I only have to hold myself togother until August 1 at 9:00. So, this week I'm definately going to ramp up the intensity on the rehab and hope for the best. Oh, another reason why this week might be the best ever- I'm listening to the Trilogy Running boys while reading Duel In The Sun. My copy actually has some workouts written in the margins, which I'm going to run- I wrote them down in the margin of the sports pag, just like Bill Squires did.

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