Monday, June 1, 2009

Back to my home course

After an off day on Sunday (which I really didn't want to do,) I decided to run after work at UST instead of going home and running. I figured I knew more distance routes in St. Paul, whereas in my hometown I know exactly 2 four mile routes, one seven mile route, one nine mile, and one 10.5 mile route. Whereas in St. Paul, I know at least a million by memory. St. Paul's also a lot flatter, so my times will be a bunch faster. Today was the six mile river route, and I ran 8:10's. It felt great; its an amazing feeling when your shoes fall apart faster than you do.

My new Adrenaline's come on Friday. I had to get them custom ordered by Marathon Sports, and I'm fairly sure their GTS 8's again, allthough they might be 9's. Doesn't matter, I'm eager to get my current 410mi GTS 8's off my feet.

Also, something cool happened to me on my run. I was running up this quarter mile set of two hills, and I was feeling prettty bad, I was feeling like I needed to walk. Well, then, the Chariots of Fire theme came on my iPod, and all of a sudden I was Eric Liddell coming down the backstretch into the streightaway. It was cool.

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