Sunday, June 7, 2009

Review of the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 9's

19.76 miles, thats how long it took my Adrenaline 9's to settle in. This is my fourth run in them in four days, so I think I can give an adequate review of them. It kind of disappointed me that the shoes took so long to open up, they felt really narrow for the first three days I wore them. I physically couldn't go past five miles- my feet hurt like hell around the ankle area, but that might just be the way I laced my shoes.

I'm a severe overpronator, and a forefoot striker, and I will admit towards the ends of today's run, I defanately felt it. That said, the GTS 9 is a great shoe. Its my fault because I could really do with a shoe with more support, but since my foot is shaped so weired and the GTS 8 worked so well for me, I might as well stay with the Adrenaline line.

Structurally, the 9's are just like the 8's. They are a great combo of cusioning and support, but are a cut below the GTS in terms of quality. Honestly, and maybe its just the 9's being new, but if I could order the 8's again I would, I think the 8's provide a better overall fit.

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