Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend non- long run

I was meaning to go short, or at least thats what I'll keep telling myself. I really was, because I wanted to make sure my shoes felt really good- they did. I went 6.5, so not really short, but I should probably get some long runs in order. My shoes felt great, which is a bit of a relief because they were tight on my other three runs previous. Anyways, this was by far the best 'feeling' run I've had in a while. I went 7:59's, allthough the run felt really slow, and I was okay with that. I ran a two mile loop around the park twice, with a 1.5 mile route there and a one mile route back. I ran there and the first loop in around 26 minutes, but I wasn't too woried about my splits. Last week I put in 30 miles without a long run, so I'm not too concerned with my base milage, but I am going to throw some long runs in there next weekend.

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