Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lots to catch up on

Well, the last three days have been pretty action packed in the running department, so lets get to it. Wednesday night my new shoes came in, so after work I cruised into Marathon Sports and picked up my new Brooks GTS Adrenaline 9's. There will be a review of them forthcoming, whenever I fee like posting it. I've heard that the best way to break in shoes is to go short, so I did. I went a 5k at my lunch break and showered at my buddy's house, but I really didn't feel tired after that one, so I went and did a 4.5 miler after work. I thought another run would really break in my shoes because they still felt a little tight after the first run, turns out it doesnt really work that way. They loosened up a little bit during the last bit of the 4.5 miler, but not really.

Friday I ran 5.6, and it was cooler than Thursday (72 as opposed to 76), but still pretty warm. I ran a decently fast time, 8:20's (I believe), but it really didn't feel that fast at all, my pacing was terrible. My shoes feel kinda tght up around the ankle though. I wonder if that's just my shoes not being broken in yet, me lacing them up too tight, or whatever, but I've put 13 some miles on them already and they should be broken in. I'll run some tomorow and see how they feel. If they still don't feel great I'll go into Marathon and see whats up.

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