Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rehab, day 1

Post- date this one for Thursday because I can't seem to get these things posted on time. Anyways, on Thursday I hit the pool for the first time since I blew out my ankle, and it felt really well. I put in some yardage, which was nice, plus my ankle didn't hurt that much- I mean' I could feel it, but it was just annoying; not painful. I didn't do flip turns, and I pushed off with my right leg in fear of hurting something, but it felt great anyways. Somehow, when I put my workout into Buckeye, it messed it up, or I messed it up, one of the two. I did 50 minutes, consisting of three sets of 200 free, one 600 free, and I finished off with three five minute kick sets.

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