Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Trial of Miles; Miles of Trials?

The title of my post is a quote from the amazing book Once a Runner by John Parker. I actually haven't read the book myself, but I've heard everybody rant and rave about the book and have it on reserve from the library. Anyway, so today's run hurt-- a lot. I now have well over 400 miles on my shoes, and they hurt like hell. I went to Marathon Sports where Jason Lehmhuhle's wife (I forget her name, no disrespect,) but she took the footbeds out of my shoes and the forefoot was almost nonexistent. And you wonder why my feet are killing me? I ran 7.5 or 8, somewhere in there, and ran 8:00's, but it was one of the most painful things I have ever done.

Oh, and I'm doing the 2009 feet running challenge on Buckeye, and I'm pretty far down there, but my goal is to catch gaza_running in the next couple weeks. I think that's Mal from .1 of 1%, so look out Mal.

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