Thursday, July 2, 2009

**Breaking News** The Boys Are Back In Town

Well, today I went on a run. Yep, first run in three weeks. I love the feeling I get, I love the endorphins coarsening through my veins. I sound like an addict, because that's what I am. I was shaking for at least three days when I had to abruptly quit. This time it was significant for two reasons: First, it was my first in a while. I feel the best as I have for about a month; even though made the Eliptical my bitch, it really isnt the same thing. Second, its my second time ever on the treadmill, my first was with my then girlfriend-- and that relationship lasted about a week-- but the dreadmill is something I'm not going to repeat. 3.3 miles, 30 minutes-- a nice jog.

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