Monday, July 27, 2009

The Mike Lowell contingency plan

Besides moving Julio Lugo to St. Louis for outfielder Chris Duncan, the Sox also traded a couple of prospects for first baseman Adam Laroche. This apparently spells the end for outfielder/ first baseman Mark Kotsay, who was desegnated for assignment yesterday, and will join Duncan in AAA Pawtucket. The move gives the Sox flexibility, in that they can move Youk to third, and play La Roche at first. With La Roche being a leftie batter, he is almost perfect for hitting dingers on (and over) the green monster, as he has taken a liking to already. However, multiple time gold glove third baseman Mike Lowell is left out of this plan. Now, he's been kept out of yesterday and tonight's game with what I think is an injury, otherwise we'd have a real logjam on our hands. I hesitate to say Mikey's past his prime, but he's definitely an injury liability. If it was up to me, there's a spot on the bench with Lowell's name on it, but at 12.5 million, can we afford it?

I was talking my nightly Red Sox with some guys on the Up on the Monster message board, and they said the word around beantown is that we will turn around and deal La Roche to the Padres for ace Jake Peavey, as well as Boston sending over a couple prospects. If La Roche continues on the tear he's on, I'm not sure thats such a good deal. However, we do need a starter, because John Smoltz's time as a starter is pretty much over.

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