Saturday, July 25, 2009

Post- op trainwreck

Well, I can say I didn't expect that. I don't remember getting teeth pulled hurting that much, maybe they didn't give me enough Novacane, but that sure hurt a lot.Usually, I really don't mind getting teeth pulled, and recover quickly; but not this time. The surgery itself was painful, but being a distance runner I don't usually complain about pain so I didn't say anything. My doctor called me the day after surgery (yesterday) and said that I "might experience a little more pain than usual" because he had to dig around the bottom teeth a little bit, then crack them in two in order to get them out because they were engraned in my jawbone a little bit.

Plus, when the doctor called in the prescription for Vikadin, Acedominaphin, and some other stuff, it rolled over to the pharmacy's voice mail, so they didn't fill it until three hours after the surgery. It hurt a ton after surgery. I went back in the next day, and they put in the dressings that they do for dry sockets. That helped the pain a lot, but my mom is covinced on giving me round- the- clock Vikadin allthough I probably don't need it all that much now. I'm already taking Monday off work because I still look like a chipmunk, and all I can eat is soup for a week.

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