Friday, July 10, 2009

I have a very stressful job

Fridays, I work front desk in our department. Since no one calls in, let alone actually comes in, so it gets really boring. I just watched the first mountain stage of the Tour De France, which was actually in Spain today so I dont know how that works. I ran 4 miles yesterday at a pretty slow 9:03, but it was pretty hot- like 80- so I''ll give myself that. I was all dosed up on painkillers- that makes me sound like an addict, I too two Motrin half an hour before. Have you ever seen that Brooks commercial in Running times where it says something like "its not a passion its an addiction" and has some guy running past a lemonade stand dumping a cup of wter on his head? Well, that was me. I was a good two, two and a half miles in, and I saw these two girls about six or seven having a lemonade stand down the street. I ran past them, scooped a cup off their table, drank half, and poured the rest on my head. I felt so badass. Only thing was, its was lemonade, and I went shirtless, so I was rediculous sticky.

In other news, I applied for the Brooks ID (Inspire Daily) program. I hope I get in. I think I make a pretty strong case, but whatever. I finishhed "Duel in The Sun" and am starting to read "Running With The Buffaloes." What a great book. I put in for the TC10 lottery (the race is in October. I'm going to use Ryan Hall's half marathon plan to train for that one.

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