Saturday, July 25, 2009

Race calandar (For the remaining '09 year)

I'll put this as a sidebar on the blog too, just to keep me honest. I'll have to do some research on '10 races, although I'll have to cut down the volume because I think I'll train and run a June marathon. I'll put the name of the race and then the priority in parenthesis.

Urban Wildland Half- Aug. 1 (A)
Twin Cities 10mi- Oct 4 (A)
Monster Dash 10mi- Oct 31 (C)
Drumstck Dash 10k - Nov. 26 (B)
Kick Them Butt's 5k- Nov. 7 (C)
Reindeer Run 5k- Dec 5 (C)

I realize that its relatively pointless to put 5k's on the calendar because they're all over the place, but usually expensive. The two I put on my calendar are fairly close to my campus, and usually I can't afford to pay $35 to race 3 miles on a regular basis, but I can afford to do it twice. I think I'll have to bow out of the Urban Wildland. Obviously, I've taken something like 4 out of the last 5 weeks of, and I could slog through it, but I have a couple buddies on the waiting list who I'll call, and they'll have a much better time of it then I would.

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