Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Getting caught with my pants down

Or should I say getting cought with no pants at all? I went into the locker room on South Campus (I never go in that one, but they tore down the locker room on North Campus) around 7:00 this morning, put my stuff in my locker, put on my running stuff and headed out. Nice, easy three and a half mile run at a nice 7:30 pace. I came back and noticed the stank-eye being dropped on me by the front desk worker, but I figured he's a college kid, so he's probably still hung over from the weekend. I didn't even look at the door when I went in because my ankle was giving me some flak. Was that a woman? Naw, its early, my eyes are playing tricks on me. Holy shit was that another one? This was really starting to scare me. I kept my head down, opened my locker, took off my running stuff, and walked to the shower. Thank god there were no wonen in there. There was one in the doorway though: "Hey, don't you know its women's time?" No, I didn't. "Yeah, from seven to noon is women's time." I was standing there, naked, scared out of my mind. Usually, I'd think "Okay, women's time in the men's locker room, thats really hot," but there were no coeds, just middle and older women. To be honest, I didn't even look at them. I saw them, but that was it. I just wanted to get the hell outta there as fast as I could.

Now, I've been in a girl's locker room by mistake, but that was when I was like 6, now I'm 19. My mind was racing; would anyone call the cops on me? But no, everyone was almost cool with it. I was pale as a gohst, and a couple people said stuff, but it's 7:30 on a Tuesday morning, who's going to work out this early? I got outta there as fast as I could, but who switches up the locker rooms for half the day and switches them back the other half? Whatever, I mean its over now, right? I just have to dodge all the arrest warrants for indecent exposure.

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