Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The slippery slope

I can't take it. Fat guys are logging more miles than me. For God sakes I'm getting beat by strollers!! I was a swimmer in High School, so I mean getting in the pool's not a chore, but I'm not sure its doing a lot for me. I work in a pretty runner- friendly part of town, so I've made a habit of noting who's a real runner and who's just jogging for fitness, but it still pisses me off that I'm not out there. I really don't understand most guys, who go running in gym shorts. How do you do that? wouldn't you chafe your dick off? what idiots... Anyways, something's got me worried. I've been walking on the outside of my foot AKA, I'm underpronateing where my tendency is to overpronate really badly. My legs aren't hurting at all, but my fear is because I'm overcompensating so much its going to throw off my running stride. It does hurt, however, in my normal stride when I concentrate on overpronation (how I normally walk.) I don't know what to do, and my mom is making me go to the doctor Friday if it doesn't straighten itself out, and then I'm in big trouble.

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