Monday, September 21, 2009

Get going. Get up and walk if you have to, but finish the damned race.

I guess I owe a race report? I ran the Snelling 5x5k relays at Pike Island. My club had two teams on the mens side, one masters team, and one open team. We went in to Race day having 4 people on my team (the open team) for a five man relay. We were prepared in advance and actually had something that resembled a strategy and a relay order on race day. That all went to hell in a handbasket when we returned from our mile and a half warmup and found out that our fourth leg decided not to come. So, we had one guy run legs 1 & 5, the other guy run legs 2 & 4, and I was leg 3. I was calling it the recovery leg because I'd give them time to recover... because I'm so slow. The trail itself was pretty nice. Mostly packed dirt with some sand mixed in, I had to run to Run'n' fun the day before and get some blanks to wear in my XC shoes; in hindsight, I should have at least brought my spikes, but oh well. I was bib #98, but definitely not the 98th fastest there-- it was serious business, son. I mean there was no one jogging it, it was like all out give 'em hell every leg. I ran 24:32- I think (that was my watch time, at least) and was probably the slowest guy there, but thats fine for the first race of the year. I ran my first mile in 6:42, and I looked down at my watch and swore really loud, because that means there's an 8 plus minute mile coming somewhere, and that's bad news.

Our team finished in 1:50- something (I got a little careless with the watch,) but it was a good time. Next week I'm in Prior Lake for the Twin Cities Running XClassic. I'm told this one is pretty hilly, so I'm all set up to run a slower time, but that's cool I guess, I've got to fit the speedwork I'm supposed to do in somewhere. Its tough training for two things at once, but at least the long runs match up. Allright, I'm out to read the rest of Thucydides, and then hopefully get a shakeout run in at like 9 to flush the legs.

One quick thing that I should mention. I saw on facebook that Run For The Fallen is selling t- shirts. They're near the top of my shopping list, btw. Check out Its a great project. To all those we've lost in combat, thank you for your service, your country is eternally grateful. I think a mile is the least we could give our fallen heroes.

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