Monday, September 28, 2009

Race report: A day late, several dollars short.

I ran the Twin Cities XClassic last Sunday, and boy. I mean, oh, man, that was really hilly. On my Tuesday run my Teammates was telling me that it was pretty hilly, but that was ridiculous. It was like you went up a hill, then you went down, and then up again; you really couldn't get a break. It was like if you were just a regular, consistent runner, you were screwed. You almost had to be a power runner to succeed on that course. The few parts that weren't hill were uneven because we ran on a XC ski trail, so it got ugly real fast. Plus, I was wearing XC spikes, which were a bad choice because I got zero traction. Whatever though, I could make excuses all day long but at the end of the day I just didn't show up, I was a trainwreck; albeit a fun trainwreck. The best part by far was the boy scout camp. They were so loud it was amazing! plus, when I ran through there on my warmup they were cooking pancakes and bacon. Next year I'm going to run with a spatula so I can grab some pancakes off the grill and keep moving. As far as the administration side, Sam pulled it off with out a hitch. The only thing is, I took a right and went to the finish chute near the end where I should have gone left to do another loop, so that added a couple minutes to my time. I don't know if that's so much the race guy's fault than my stupidity.

Today I just did a shakeout easy run. I went with a couple girls who were running 5 minutes and walking one (I think, I wasn't really paying attention.) So we got about 2 and a half, three miles in in half an hour. Nice aerobic effort, and it'll probably be the same aerobic work- I may mix in one speed workout in there- for the countdown to Twin Cities.

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