Wednesday, September 30, 2009

'There is no secret'- Bruce Denton

I figured I might as well get a post out before Twin Cities even though I don't really have anything to say. I'm getting sick, and I feel like its a take care of myself first- schoolwork later kinda deal. Whatever though, just a runny nose and scratchy throat so that shouldn't impair me that much as far as running goes. The Tigers just beat the Twins, scoring seven unanswered in doing so. They're done, stick a fork in them. Running-- um, I did 6, 6.5-ish on Tuesday in a little over 52 minutes. A solid pace, and I felt so strong doing it, I just felt in control the whole way. I didn't even stop at the midway mark for water that's how confident I felt.

I picked up a flyer for the St. Thomas 'Wellness Center 5k' because it fell upon the one week in October I don't have a race scheduled so I thought it would be cool to race every weekend. Biggest Letdown In America. Ever. Its not even a real 5k, its a four person relay that adds up to 5k. I'm going to get on my soapbox here:

This event is billed as one to build fitness and have fun. Really though? I mean really? Fine, you get the camaraderie of being on a team like that. Its kind of like Ragnar I guess, only 64 times shorter. Again, I guess I'm in shock. I mean I was all pumped for this. I was going to get purple and white racing flats and dominate everyone. Instead, you get to run a .8 mile leg- are you kidding me? Another thing, the flyer had all over it ONE PERSON CAN NOT RUN ALL FOUR LEGS. Now they want to discourage people from running distances? I would expect better, but then, it is a free race. Has society really regressed so far that most people can't even run a single mile? I sure hope not.

I'm off to read The Norman Shield, the official book of Sigma Chi. So far, its been great. The brothers are awesome, the pledges are awesome, I'm just having an all around great time. I can not wait for initiation. I'm going to need a suit though, and $355 bucks- that's going to be a tough one.

I'f you're in the St. Paul area and want to see a minimally- clothed young man run past you, I'm bib #14552 on Sunday, race starts at 7:05, but I'm in the slow coral, so It'll be a while.

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