Friday, September 4, 2009

Running is my girlfriend.

How's that for a slogan? I should put that on a shirt and see how many stares I get. So yesterday I went on an easy 5 miler that I made into a pretty tough 5 miler. I think I ran 8:08's and they felt easy; I hope that doesn't come back to bite me on today's run. Oh, and on my way back to UST I had to dive off the sidewalk to avoid getting killed by an overzealous pack of bikers. I'm a little scratched up, but nothing that will stop me. My singlet I was wearing looks like I'm a murder victim though, its all muddy with smears of blood-- I can't wait to do laundry. Other than that it was really good. One gripe I have running by the river is the first mile, mile and a half there's probably a thousand people, and you can't really get a stride going. After that, there's nobody. I mean you can run for miles and only see a few people. I can't complain though.

I have an eight mile tempo scheduled for today, so I'm going to run to Run'n Fun and back, which is a bit over 8, but whatever. I love running new places, its the best. I'm going to shoot a goo before the run, then shoot one after, because my nutrition is absolutely shot right now. I mean I'm a mess. Plus, I've got to go to Run'n Fun tomorrow to get some more gels, hopefully the caffeine ones, get some running posters for the establishment, and maybe try on some shoes?

I'm not at all looking forward to my run on Sunday. 14 miles, and then its move in weekend, so I'll probably climbing seven flights of stairs to get to my dorm. Can you think of anything more fun? Maybe I'll start at 5am so I can get to use the elevator

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