Sunday, September 6, 2009

baby, we were born to run

Can you believe it? they're actually beginning to pave some of the roads around here, which makes them more difficult to run on. They smoothed it down really well so its hard packed overnight, and they put a layer of crushed rock down, so it would be real easy to turn an ankle. Lame. I still ran it, I had to be slow and careful, hence 8:44's and the and the ankle pain, although I didn't pop my pills before the run so that may be the reason too. Todays run was just about as perfect as you could get it. Mid 60's for the run and it just felt effortless. The first mile was a little tough, and I went out around 9:30, but no big deal. I walked the four miles to Run'n Fun yesterday to pick up gels, and man, was it busy. I ended up getting the GU Vanilla Bean with caffeine. They work a thousand times better than the Power Bar gels I had been using. I shot one for "breakfast" before my run, and one around mile 7 or 8, and that did the trick.

I also picked up a paper training log to help with motivation. Its cool. I ran 41.5 miles this week-- 5:46:52 on the roads, with and average of 8:21 per mile. I also tried on the Brooks Ravenna. Those are some pimp kicks, as the kids these days say. I went a mile in them in the store, and they were so nice. Just the right amount of arch support, plus they held my foot in so nicely. At the pace I'm going, I'll be due for a new pair of trainers in two months, and the Ravenna's are definitely on my short list.

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