Thursday, September 3, 2009

Silly City of St. Paul, Trails are for Runners

This post has been a long time coming, its been a while. The City put grass seed over the running trails that cut through the center of Summit Avenue up to who knows where (I haven't run out of trails yet, there's at least five and a half miles out there.) Now, when I say trails, don't think trail running; think road running that happens to be on dirt. Its a single track trail, so its really hard packed with very little give. Whenever I can, I'll go as far away from that trail as I can and run on the grass. There are some parts, where you weave through a bunch of trees, where it can't be helped, but that's my favorite part. But, everyone else goes on the dirt trail that shoots through the middle of Summit. I don't know who they're kidding, they're never going to grow any grass there

So, where'd I leave off? I dont know, really doesn't matter. I moved in to my dorm last Tuesday, its like the St. Thomas run camp here. I work, I run, I listen to the Sox game, I go to bed. There are maybe three people on my floor, and they're all football players, who like to talk about that great fly pattern they ran in practice, so I pay them no mind. Sometimes, I run before and after work, just because I'm bored, but I never log two runs.

So I had my dreaded, doom and gloom speedwork on Tuesday. Just me, alone on the track; 7x1000 meters. It really wasn't hard, except  went crazy hitting the split on my watch, so that went to hell. I ran around 5:45's, and they felt really good. I ran in the Dirt Dogs, and I started to feel them the 6th and 7th 1000, but they were fine. Again, my calves hurt a little, but nothing I couldn't deal with. 

Wednesday, was an easy 30 minutes. I dunno, seems like kind of a waste of putting my shoes on, but whatever. I'll do what the plan says. You know, I might have gotten in over my head with the volume, but I've never missed a workout-- I think I've only shortened one workout-- so there. I ran the entire thirty minutes on dirt, and it was awesome. The signs were like "Road Closed" and I'm like "Wrong, Road Open." I ran past a worker going home, and he just stared at me. It was cool. 

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