Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This is not an intervention.

Hi, I'm Matt, and I'm an addict. I'm addicted to running. You here that a lot, that people are addicted to running; that they feel guilty if they didn't get their 6 mile tempo in yesterday, but is that a bad thing. From my perspective its not. I can see the other side, that if you run too much you get injured, if you're form is weak you get injured. However, I don't feel guilty taking days off, at least planned days off. This current plan I'm ending next week calls for me to run six days a week with an off day on Monday. Do I miss running Mondays, yeah, but after a while you get in the habit of not running Mondays. Its the six days I do run that I feel guilty missing. I was hurting yesterday, and I got dropped by my group at mile two- ish, so I just went home; but I still felt bad. Like I said, its an addiction, but not a bad one. There's a reason why they start chronic drug addicts on running-- to trade one addiction for another.

Okay, so you heard my heartbreaking tale of dropping out at mile 2. My hip flexor was killing me-- my vast medical knowledge tells me that happens because of lack of core strength-- or it could have been that I was doing a good 8:00 pace to get to my running group, then met them halfway and moved to 7- somethings (or what felt like it) with no warmup. Ether way, I didn't log anything, and I ended up doing 45 minutes of core on the infield and a couple hours of icing. Todays run was amazing though. It felt easy, I went fast, really fast. I did 8:05's for 4 and a half miles, and like I said, it felt like nothing. Here's the route, it was a good one:
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Now I have to figure out how to get to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts this week/ weekend. Plus, I need to find a ride up to Cleary Lake Park in Prior Lake for the 5k this weekend.

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