Friday, September 4, 2009

Run like hell and get the agony over with

Today was my great big running extravaganza. An eight mile tempo fun fest. Like I said last post, I stuck to my "nutrition" plan of a gel before and a gel after, plus some alive before. Despite people saying that running on pain killers is bad, I've never experienced any negative effects. I ran down a hill, turned left, ran up a hill, then ran down a huge hill, and that was the first half of my run. I tell ya, if you ever get a chance, you've got to run down Randolph. You get a real hill workout, and its just beautiful right around the onramp over 35E. I never realized Randolph was a County Road though, that made it very difficult to cross. I'm sure glad I didn't run my 14 miler down that way though, that hill is brutal. I negative- splitted the run, but I'm almost sure that was a mistake. I mean I just bombed the uphills. I saw some girl I know when I was running up the quad. I hadn't seen her all summer, so I gave her a hug-- I probably should apologize, because I doubt that was a very enjoyable experience. I was pretty much a salt shaker when I get back to the dorm, I could tell I was pretty dehydrated.

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