Thursday, September 17, 2009

My name isn't Forrest!

Seriously, I might kill the next person who thinks its perfectly original and really funny yelling "Run Forrest Run" at me. It seemed like every other block someone would say that, it got really old really fast. It seems I'm doing a lot of two a day workouts lately, but its no big deal. I'm not going like 10 and 6, its going 4, with a track session at night. Its more like my nightly shakeout run than anything, I don't do any fast stuff with the goal of just putting 3 or 4 miles on the shoes. That's also when my core workouts happen as well. So, today's run. Easy 3.3 miles in 26 minutes or whatever. I ran a new loop, and you're never supposed to do that, but I figured 4 miles couldn't hurt me. The night session wasn't really planned, but it was kinda fun anyways. The running group I belong to was practicing practically right outside my window on the UST track, and I had to give my coach a check. So I go down there, and he wants the money after practice, so I agreed to put in a few miles and ran up to my room to grab some shorts. I did 2x400, 3x200, and 3x300, and threw away the watch. I dunno, I'm a little sore now, but nothing that won't come out within the first couple miles.

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