Saturday, May 2, 2009

Crazy dedicated or just crazy?

Way #1 to waste a Saturday morning- run a half marathon, or at least start it before 9:40 if you are. I told you I was going to fit that 5k I missed in there somewhere, and there you go. I logged the run as 12.3mi on my Flotrack, figured that was close enough. I ran 9:30's again, I dont know how I feel about that, but I guess that's fine for a long run. I modified the last route I posted, but not much; I just added another loop or two. Its an out and back, FYI
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I'm freezing. I mean, you're supposed to get cold after a run, and I usually do because I don't cool down enough, if at all. But I mean, even though it was 50 outside, I was covered in sweat, plus a couple of bottles of water I dumped on myself en route.

Oh, and I ran with my Fuel Belt for the first time. I went through on before I found one that fit me, some idiot gave me a medium, when I am really a small. But whatever, I love it.

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