Friday, May 8, 2009

Same old, same old

Same 5.2 miles, pretty warm, but not as warm as Wednesdays run, but it was still pretty warm. I ran my warmup and cooldown in my running shirt, but my five miler shirtless and was fairly comfortable. Again, my sunglasses are crusted over with sweat, and again, I couldn't see anything out of them, so its a good thing I run the same route every time. I ran 6:52's. Very nice.

I missed my run Thursday, slept through my alarm again. I was just listening to Phedippidations episode 75, "The Burnt Out Syndrome," and that's one more thing for me to think about it. I don't want to attribute that to me running too much, and you can't make me. I'd like to think it is because I'm just doing so much work because of finals and stuff.

Oh, and I'm going home for the weekend tomorrow, and that means hills. By my campus, it seems like the only hills I can run are overpasses or bridges. My neighborhood is appropriately named "Indian Hills;" there are no Indians as far as I know, but plenty of hills. Plus, being home means my own tub, which means icebaths, and lots of them.

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