Saturday, May 2, 2009

Weekly milage totals: 4/26- 5/2

Big millage week for me, but it was so worth it. Rough week schoolwise, but there's nothing like putting in a nice five miler after (or to interrupt) a tough day.

Sunday- 12 miles, 9:40's
This was the windy and rainy one. Tough one to get out for.
Monday- Off day
Hit the pool for about an hour
Tuesday- 5.2 miles, 6:52's
Man, this was the run where I got toasted by that old guy
Wednesday- 5.2 miles, 7:25's
Started out a rainy day, but was hot and steamy when I finished
Thursday- Off day
Took a day off to rest my knee, it was really hurting Wednesday. Plus, I slept through this one
Friday- 5.2 miles, 7:52's
My quad was giving me quite a bit of trouble throughout
Saturday- 13.3 miles, 9:40's
I still can't believe I ran that far
Total: 40.9 miles, 8:48's

So, there you have it. It will be interesting to see where I'm at next week, when I have three off days including two back to back. That's a lot, but maybe my quad will heal itself

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