Monday, May 25, 2009

Doublein' up

So, here we go. I said I was going to do speedwork today, but when I went up to the track at Kuhlman Field by the Community Center with some kids from my old track team. Well, it was locked, so I decided to take the fine young lady I was running with for a long run-- or, at least long for someone who's longest run is 800 meters. We went for just a short 30 minutes, and I figured we went a good three and a half.

I drove back to my house with the thought that I really needed to run again- a 3.5 miler never did any good for me. So, I got home, took a swig of water, got my iPod, and went out for another five miler. This one felt really good, allthough I felt the Lactic Acid a little bit around mile three or two and a half, but not too bad. I felt on top of the world too, I was flying through the second half of the run.

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