Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This is going to be a long post

Lets get to my run first, before everything else. It was nice, probably 40- 45 degrees, and very windy. On my way from the Lake st. bridge to the Ford pkwy. bridge the wind was really biting. I mean that's not a long distance, probably 10k, but it took me a while. I didn't get my split, but the wind was just brutal in my face. I thought I'd just fly on the 5k back, but the wind just died and the skies opened up. Fun fun. Oh, and the group I sometimes run with, the Twin Cities running club, is all pussies. Let me rephrase that, I don't actually officially run with them, but I jump in to their pack when I get off work early enough. No one- I saw zero people on my run. I ran 5.2, at 8:04's. blah.

Second, and this I'm really pissed off about. So, I usually cross train on Mondays, in the pool. I went in the locker room yesterday, and first thing I noticed was some lockers were gone. So, I went to my locker, and there was some guy's football stuff in there. Ok, maybe my stuff's still in there. I try the lock, it won't open because its not mine. What the fuck? why do these fat guys have privilege over this skinny guy? That wan my thought process-- I hate how football takes precedence over everything. So, I ask the lady who's working near the locker room in no uncertain terms "Where the fuck is my shit?" She kinda laughed-- I wasn't laughing, this isn't a joke--and directed me to some guy's office THAT DIDN'T EXIST. I spent that night sending nasty emails trying to find where my $50 of swimming stuff went.

And now I'm waiting for a washer to open up.

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