Friday, May 29, 2009

he's a workin' man now

I feel exceptionally old. I'm working a 9 to 5 Monday through Friday, which once again, puts a cap on my running. I haven't got to blog, because I've got my hands full as far as filling out scholarship applications. I haven't blogged since my two- a days on Monday, and since then, I've run 4 on Tuesday going 9:32's, off on Wednesday, and 5.6 on Thursday going 8:15's. Hopefully I'll get a few miles in tonight, although we'll see. This has been a weird week for two reasons. One, its sectionals for my brother in Track, so Wednesday I was there until 9:30 or so watching his 2 mile. He ran 9:30- something and only got 6th! He ran pretty even splits, hitting 70-72 every lap except the last because he has no kick. Tonight he's running the one mile at 6:00, so I might get a late night run in. Plus, I don't think I'm going to get a long run in this weekend. I was planning to go 10 miles, but I think the farthest I can run on my shoes without my feet explodeing is seven or eight.

Oh, and I was watching this week's Workout Wednesday on Flotrack, and guess who I saw? The famous and beutiful Alex Gits. She ran XC for Edina two years ago and now she runs for Stanford. I haven't really followed her at Stanford, but she set a couple school records for Edina, so she's kind of a big deal. People know her.

I guess I should report on my work, just because. My job is just kinda do whatever. My boss said to go through all the classrooms at the University, take pictures of all the technology, test the technology, and eventually file them online. Well, that might take us a month, maybe. So we end up testing the technology, spesifically the LCD projector and DVD player, for a few hours, AKA watching a movie. Today's a different story. I am fixing hard drives, reimmaging them, fun stuff like that by myself, there are like three other Tech Support employees here, not including my boss, so I'm going to try and dip outta here early today.

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