Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Open letter to nature

Dear nature,
I really wish you wouldn't make it so hot. While I appreciate scantily clad college girls running around campus, I appreciate my running more, and some people are trying to run. See, nature, its pretty difficult to run when its 91 degrees outside, especially when you're trying to hold a pace, but I will anyway, bitch.

Matthew J. Ellenberger

So, coming off the eve of a very ugly run, I pulled off one of my best runs ever. My dad was lecturing me "don't go fast" since yesterday morning, and while I totally ignored his advice yesterday, I kind of put that into practice today. I ran the same 6.5 mile course as I did yesterday, and when I got back, I looked at my watch and it said 56:15. That's 8:40's; not slow.

Upon further review, I took splits on miles 1 and 2, because those are key for me. I did both at 9:30's which is slow. Then, I fell into my pace and felt amazing from there. Oh, that's not to say it wasn't hot though, my shoes were once again swimming pools, and I was sweating like a whore in church when I got back to my dorm.

I should probably do my duty and tell you about school. I had my World Politics final today, and it was pretty easy, but I love Political Science, so that's maybe why. God its hot in my dorm, like nine thousand degrees. I'm trying to study for my Math final tomorrow, but that's probably not happening. Right now, I'm drinking some hot coffee despite the heat, because I swear I will fall asleep if I dont. Hopefully I'll get a run in before class, because I'll swear by that gets you a better grade if you run before the test.

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