Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weekly milage totals: 5/3- 5/9

Short week this week, because I ran my long run last week. But anyway, not a lot of miles at all, but next week looks to be a lot better in that regard.


Usually my long run day, but I went to the Twins game. I didn't even hit the pool... lame
Always an off day. I didn't even get in the pool that day? well what the hell Matt? my god you're lazy
5.2; 6:12's-- that's wicked fast
5.2; 7:05's-- that was hot as hades, for real
I didn't run I guess. Again, I'm lazy.
5.2; 6:58's
4.5; 9:18's-- Ran with my dad. Those hills kicked my ass. It was fun to have someone to run with nonetheless

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