Sunday, May 17, 2009

That was pretty cool

First thing's first: I was meaning to run this route on Saturday, and kind of psyched myself out for some reason. I got myself thinking that 10 miles was a long way. Not that its a short jaunt by any means, but it isnt anything daunting. I figured I'd put it on hold and run Today, Sunday morning, so thats what I did. Actually, I wasnt planning it this way at all, but I was listening to Fdip 93, Steve's running of the 11th Boston Marathon on Saturday night. Steve was running through more or less a monsoon, and I was thinking to myself "Why are you such a whiny baby? 10 miles is just 4 more than 6, and you do six real easy." Its amazing how you can trick yourself like that.

As far as that goes, the run wasn't bad at all, it was in the mid 40's and it was just real easy. I ran 9.84 actually, at 8:14's which was good- I was aiming for an 8 minute/ mile pace. Here's my route:
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